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MoCA L.I.ghts

There is a light at

the end of the summer…

MoCA L.I.ghts  will transform the Village of Patchogue into an inviting open-air museum and arts destination for the public to enjoy safely on foot, by car, and online for free from October to December 2020. Facades of contemporary and historic architecture, the PTPA Marquee, and PAC’s pop-up inflatable gallery screen will all be illuminated with innovative projected artworks, animation, and site-specific media works created by local, national and international artists. Surrounding businesses in the downtown area will become a vibrant backdrop to this uniquely immersive arts experience, rejuvenating and lighting up spirits of all ages in ways Long Island has never seen. 

MoCA L.I.ghts  programming will include a number of outdoor art experiences including Art on the Marquee, ARTchitecture, and the Night Vision Gallery

Innovative projected artworks utilizing specialized projection mapping techniques, animation, and site-specific media works created by local, national, and international artists will be exhibited for free to the public on foot, by car, and online from October to December 2020. The vibrant businesses of our downtown will become a backdrop to the first immersive art experience of its’ kind to take place on Long Island. 

For MoCA L.I.ghts 2020 the Patchogue Arts Council  is proud to partner with; Village of Patchogue, Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, Patchogue BID, Pat-Med Library, Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, Eastern Suffolk BOCES Art in Education, and Cornell Cooperative Suffolk County & Marine Department.

Help PAC Illuminate Patchogue

Art on the Marquee  | October 5 – December 31, 2020 

Art in the Marquee © name and concept is the creative and intellectual property of the Patchogue Arts Council.

In collaboration with the Patchogue Theatre of Performing Arts, a rotating series of artist-created videos, gifs, animation, and digitally created still works will be created specifically for viewing on the marquee of the theatre building. The presentation will begin at 8:20 PM (20:20) and remain on view until midnight each day starting October 

———> ARTISTS Read more here to submit your work for possible inclusion in the Art on the Marquee program 

Art in the Marquee© name and concept is the creative and intellectual property of the Patchogue Arts Council and may not be copied or used without permission. If you want to collaborate to create an Art on the Marquee project please reach out to

ARTchitecture | November 5 – 8, 2020 

 Love Wall 2020, Kelley Bell

Site-specific projections will illuminate the facades of contemporary and historic architecture. The ARThitecture locations include the Patchogue-Medford Carnegie Library, Main Street Library facade, Bargain Bilge building located on the corner of West Avenue and the Industrial Coverage Building (former Union Savings Bank). 

Artists include:  Kelley Bell |; 

Artists include: Kelley Bell | Corrie Parks | Jennie Thwing | Ryan Seslow | Michael Zinn | 

Here is a sneak peek at what some of our ARThitecture artists will be bringing to life!

 Projected Aquaculture, Kelley Bell & Corrie Parker 

Night Visions Gallery | October – December 2020 

Open air pop-up inflatable gallery screens will be placed in various locations throughout the Village of Patchogue, creating a unique art viewing experience for the community. Works included in this program will be curated from an international open call to artists working in all media. 

Locations include: Carnegie Library & outside of MoCA L.I. in the Patchogue Arts District! This exhibit will take place on various nights through October to December 2020. Exact dates, times, and additional locations to be announced. 

———>ARTISTS Read more below to submit your work for possible inclusion in the NIGHT VISIONS Gallery program. 

PAConnected: Virtual Labs | August – October 2020 

Through a special collaboration with the Patchogue-Medford Library and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk, PAC will be offering unique educational opportunities for any community member artists & non-artists alike interested in experimenting with projection & animation as a medium in a series of virtual labs inspired by MoCA L.I.ghts installations.  

Virtual labs will include: Stop Motion Animation with artist Jennie Thwing, Creating GIFs with artist Ryan Seslow, and a demonstration of the projection mapping process with artist Kelley Bell. 

Additional programming is planned with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk to coordinate with a special installation entitled GSB Projected Aquaculutre by Kelley Bell and Corrie Park. These programs will take place during MAPPED, on-site in the Village of Patchogue. 

All programming is planned to be socially responsible and safe for all to enjoy as each individual feels comfortable. All presentations will be viewable on foot, by car, and live streamed. 

Free and accessible to all. 

Lab videos and live Q&A sessions will be released soon so check back in! 

A special thank you to our sponsors. 

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