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MoCA L.I.ghts | Call to Action

Dear Arts Supporters,

There is a light at the end of the summer…

MoCA L.I.ghts will transform the Village of Patchogue into an inviting open air museum and arts destination for the public to enjoy safely on foot, by car, and online for free from October to December 2020. Facades of contemporary and historic architecture, the PTPA Marquee, and PAC’s pop-up inflatable gallery screen will all be illuminated with innovative projected artworks, animation, and site-specific media works created by local, national and international artists. Surrounding businesses in the downtown area will become a vibrant backdrop to this uniquely immersive arts experience, rejuvenating and lighting up spirits of all ages in ways Long Island has never seen. 

As an economic driver responsible for over half a million jobs in New York, arts and culture are indispensable resources for communities all over; we are proud to be a part of that impact here on Long Island. The Patchogue Arts Council • Museum of Contemporary Art L.I. has been deemed a leader among L.I. arts organizations and advocacy groups with a proven history of ambitious, high-caliber, and impactful programming combined with awards of competitive funding from the NY Foundation for the Arts, Suffolk County Cultural Affairs, Long Island Community Foundation, and the Knapp Swezey Foundation.

PAC’s efforts have safely kept the lights on and shining bright for the arts with cultural experiences that have exhilarated and inspired the community as we’ve all navigated the tricky stages of closure and re-opening. Through such an unprecedented time, PAC’s programming, now including MoCA L.I.ghts, has provided safe opportunities for community members of all ages to experience art as they never have before – providing a bit of relief and normalcy when it was needed most. 

However, more support is necessary as we now do our part in slowly reinvigorating and rebuilding the local economy. Your help is absolutely crucial in order to keep our programs free and accessible while deepening the significant impact we’ve made on the L.I. community thus far. We truly mean it when we say that every dollar counts.

We respectfully ask that you please consider a sponsorship that is meaningful to you  to help ensure that our L.I. community continues to have art and culture in their lives. We sincerely hope that you will join the Patchogue Arts Council in our efforts to enliven our downtown with the arts once again.

We thank you for recognizing the urgency and importance of your support.


PAC•MoCA L.I. Executive Director