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Annual RAKU Fundraiser 2020

An annual PAC tradition.
Join us for our 11th Raku Party!
Get fired up for the arts!
October 11 from 2:00 – 6:00 PM

A very limited number of guests will be led through the steps of glazing and firing by master potter, artist Bill Shillalies. This event is held outdoors, we will maintain social distancing and safety procedures for the health of all our guests, staff, and volunteers.

Food, beverages, beer, music, and the company of interesting people! Music by The Acoustix. Sparks will be flying from the stage and the kiln. 

$85 pp includes glaze, firing for 1 pot
$100 pp double your fun with 2 pots
while you support the work of the Patchogue Arts Council.
Additional pots will be available for $20.

Have enough pottery? You may enjoy the process as an observer for $65.

All proceeds go to the Patchogue Arts Council recovery fund.

What is Raku? Raku is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese firing technique. Glazed bisque ware is rapidly brought to high temperatures, and while the pieces are red hot they are removed from the kiln and placed into a bed of sawdust. Flames erupt, which are quickly snuffed out by placing a large pail over the fire. Robbed of oxygen, the fire seeks other sources in the clay body and glaze causing unique effects such as iridescence, much as rust can be returned to iron by ‘reducing’ oxygen or as fireworks burn bland metallic oxide powder into intense color.

Each participant will receive a ‘glaze ready’ bowl and will apply personal and unique glaze patterns. After the pieces are ‘rakued’ there is a brief cooling period after which they are scrubbed and ready for home delivery!
This special RAKU session will be lead by master potter, artist, and professor Bill Shillalies. If you know him you love him and if you don’t you’ll have to come and meet him!

Spaces are limited so reserve your place soon. Please make checks payable to The Patchogue Arts Council, email to reserve your space

Purchase tickets below