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Patchogue Themescape

Patchogue Themescape | PAC & PMLIB Annual Mural Project

In 2017 The Patchogue Arts Council and Patchogue-Medford Library came together to start an annual temporary mural on the rear of the Patchogue-Medford Library.

2020 Artist: Jayne Dion – Clear Visions

In a time when it is becoming impossible to distinguish between fact and fiction, where journalists are accused of reporting fake news and where we are bombarded with misinformation, it is obvious what we need is Clear Vision. PAC’s 2020 programming and exhibitions will examine variations of vision- including clarity, veracity, integrity, ambiguity, and ingenuity.

2019 Artist: Katherine Kaiser – Artful Antics

Artful Antics Festival Season 2019, will explore Whimsy, Humor, Joy, and Play in art through varied media and disciplines including visual arts, performance, music, film and video.
Click here for more info about the 2019 Festival season

2018 Artist: Michael Velt – E Pluribus Unun

The E Pluribus Unum Festival Season 2018, will celebrate the concept of unity from diversity in varied media and disciplines including visual arts, dance, music, film, and video.
Click here for more info about the 2018 Festival season

2017 Artist: Johnny Mike – Summer of Love

The mural celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Click here for more info about the 2017 Festival season

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