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Photographers Group Vegetable and Fruit Still Life Contest


1-Autumn Harvest 233 H30 L21 2nd place
2-Bountiful219 H28 L22
3-Corny Can-Did Still Life Study 185 H26 L16
4-Eat Your Greens 203 H26 L18
5-Elephant Pepper – Homage to Edward Weston 226 H29 L21
6- Excitable Still Life 207 H26 L19
7-Hungry & Undecided 228 H29 L23 4th place tie 
8-Italian Zest for Life 228 H28 L21 4th place tie 
9- Luna Tenue 231 H29 L24 3d place
10-The Artist Begins 237 H30 L23 1st place winner Teresa Tyther