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Photographers Group Pandemonium Contest


1-Architectural Pandemonium 178 points H 29 L24 2nd place
2- Chaotic Noodles 174points H26 L17 4th place
3- Husband Cooked 161 points H27 L19
4- My Daily Pandemonium 185 points H30 L21 1st place winner Barbara Cittadino
5- Painter’s Pandemonium 167 points H27 L23 5th place tie
6- Pand-a-mmonia A Giant of a Cleaner 156 points H27 L17
7- Pandemonium in Produce 177 points H28 L23 3rd place
8 – Pandemonium Mascot Dock 165 points H27 L22
9- The Angry Ocean 167 points H27 L22 5th place tie