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Photographers Group Frame Within A Frame Contest


1-`58 Apache 3 on the Column 209 points H27 L20
2-Bridge Over Gentle Creek 208 points H28 L20
3-EIEIO 214 points H27 L21
4-Half Staff 230 points H29 L22 2nd place tie
5-I Played A Frame Game 235 points H30 L21 1st place Teresa Ryther
6-Misty Morning 215 points H27 L21 5th place tie
7-No One Showed Up at Deck Cleaning Party 200 points H25 L20
8-Pre-Framing My Woody 230 points H29 L23 2nd place tie
9-Quarantine Sky 215 points H26 L21 5th place tie
10-Reflections of Social Distancing 219 points H30 L21 4th place