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Learning to Look

PAConnected | Virtual Arts Experiences
Learning to Look with Prof. Cino

A live virtual art history lecture series with Patchogue Arts Council
• Museum of Contemporary Art L.I. Program Director and Professor John

Have you ever wondered why Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper” looks the way it
does, or why artists put certain things in still-lifes, or what
Picasso was thinking, or why art from other traditions looks so
different? This two-part lecture will offer tools for the viewer to
better understand the message delivered through works of art.
Exploring works from Renaissance, Modern, Asian art, and Africana art,
the concepts of symbolism, form, function, and abstraction will be
discussed. These lectures will interesting for all art lovers!

Presented by the Patchogue Arts Council • Museum of Contemporary L.I.
& Patchogue – Medford Library

Learning to Look Archive

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Patchogue Art Council 2019-04

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